Hi Loyal Viewers,

This Easter weekend, Team Brassbanned is excited to bring you a 48-hour marathon live stream – 12 years in the making.

On Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 of April, we will be broadcasting highlights from the past 10+ years of the Australian National Band Championships… we have scoured the archives and found content going right back to the 2008 Nationals in the Brisbane Town Hall.

We will be featuring A grade Brass and Concert band performances, Street Marches, as well as some marathon sittings. We will be doing our best to bring you the winning Test and Own Choice performance for each year, as well as a selection of other great Test and Own Choice performances from that year.

We are also excited to announce the Fine Music Online Solo Championships – – a great chance to keep practising and have your solo performance adjudicated and streamed, over the last weekend in May.

Also – a great chance to support the WABA team buy purchasing some discounted merchandise –

Current time in Melbourne:

12:002010 Replay – Own Choice Selections
Brisbane Excelsior, Glenorchy, Kew
13:002011 Replay – Own Choice Selections
Hobart – On the Shoulders of Giants
K&N – English Heritage
Darebin – Dances and Allelulias
Kew – On the Shoulders of Giants
14:152012 Replay – Own Choice Selections
Brisbane Brass – Music of the Spheres
Kew – Revelation
Gunnedah – Legend of King Arthur
15:152013 Replay – Own Choice Selections
Feds – Earthrise
WA Brass – A Tale as Yet Untold
15:502014 Replay – Own Choice Selections
Box Hill – (B Grade ) – Earthrise
St Mary’s – Music of the Spheres
Brisbane Excelsior – A Tale as Yet Untold
16:452015 Replay – Own Choice Selections
Gunnedah – Fragile Oasis
St Mary’s – The Divine Right
Wellington – Revelation
17:452016 Replay – Own Choice Selections
Central Coast – The Triumph of Tim (e)
FYCB – Maid of New Orleans
Brisbane Excelsior – Audivi Media Nocte
18:452017 Replay – Own Choice Selections
Central Coast – Trance
Glenorchy – Music of the Spheres
Darebin – As if a Voice were In Them
20:15FRATERNITY: Wellington 2018 v Sydney City 2019
21:002018 Replay – Own Choice Selections (almost everyone, in draw order)
Feds – Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Glenorchy – A Tale as yet Untold
Brisbane Brass – Angels and Demons
Boorondara – Chivalry
Warrringah – Paganini Variations
Brisbane Excelsior – A Brussels Requiem
FYCB – The Triumph of Time
Tanunda – Dances and Alleluias
Central Coast – St. Magnus
Darebin – Metamorphosis for Brass Band [de Haan]
00:002019 Replay – Entire A Grade Own Choice Selections in draw order