Run by a passionate music streamer, Brassbanned has a 13-year track record of creating inspirational live streams of the most prestigious musical competitions and concerts. We also bring you exclusive interviews with the world’s most spectacular brass musicians (including Joe Alessi, Sarah Willis, Arturo Sandoval and Bob Childs) to universal acclaim.

We are also famous for live streaming Pipe Band competitions.

We bring interviews, live commentary, analysis, live chat and epic HD vision of contests, concerts, masterclasses, and interviews.

We create an engaging, exciting, and friendly introduction to ‘first time’ band observers – while still providing nitty gritty musical analysis that hardcore bandies live and breathe.

No matter where you are in the world, join us live on your mobile, tablet, laptop, or internet connected fridge.

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We can even help you stream your musical events via Brassbanned – or even your non musical events, direct to your own website.