2015 Australian Nationals: LIVE STREAM


Learn about the live stream of the Australian Nationals – brought to you exclusively by Brassbanned!

Watch HD – Hall 1
Watch HD – Hall 2

Watch SD – Hall 1
Watch SD – Hall 2

It’s happening – Brassbanned will be streaming EVERYTHING happening at the 2015 Australian National Band Championships (except for a few of the final day solos). If you’ve never watched a Brassbanned live stream before, well, you’re in for a treat. We broadcast in excellent Standard Definition for free – and in amazing High Definition for a small fee.

We know that sometimes band competitions can be a bit boring. Especially if you’re less ‘hardcore band nerd’ and more ‘interested in listening to some nice music’. Team Brassbanned combats the occasional competition boredom by spicing up live streamed coverage with interesting commentary, interviews, and insightful explanations. We also run real-time chat, Twitter and Facebook integrations, which means you – the loyal viewers – can give your opinions, talk to each other and have an interactive and collective viewing experience that you can’t even get on Netflix.

We will start broadcasting at around 8am on Friday April 3rd. There are two main halls that we will be covering – as well as a third hall on the Saturday afternoon. Team Brassbanned will also be out covering the Street March and special ANZAC Ceremony on the Saturday morning.

There are rough timings up on each of the live-stream pages in terms of which section starts when. Once programs are officially for sale and out in the public, we will create an updated timetable of which bands are playing when – as well as the exact pieces they are playing.

Brassbanned is also offering amazing merchandise for sale – hats, tshirts and towels. If you have a head, torso, or ever need to wipe/dry things, then we can definitely help you out.

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