2017 Victorian State Band Championships – Live Interviews!


2017 VBL State Championships – Live Stream Interviews!

Brassbanned is excited to be bringing you exclusive behind the scenes interviews from the 2017 Victorian State Band Championships!

Sadly, team Brassbanned is unable to provide its usual free live streaming of the on-stage events. This is due to other arrangements made by the eisteddfod that the VBL State Championships is part of for 2017.

However, to (over)compensate, team Brassbanned will be running rolling live streamed interviews throughout the day. We intend to set up near stage door, and interview bands, conductors and everyone else as they enter and leave the building – with the full support of the VBL. We might even try to do some live streaming of the warm up rooms. We look forward to providing our loyal viewers with a special look ‘behind the scenes’ at the competition!

Click here to watch live, August 19 2017

Click here to watch live

We will also release the bands playing order and schedule here once it becomes publicly available on Saturday morning!

Team Brassbanned will be running their world famous interactive live chat, bringing together text chat, Facebook posts, Twitter posts and even Instagram, to ensure the most in depth coverage of this event.

Brassbanned has over 10 years experience live streaming brass band events (usually in the Southern Hemisphere). We also help the magnificent Sarah Willis of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra with her Horn Hangouts, and are fresh back off the boat after streaming the European Brass Band Championships and New Zealand Concert Band Festival!