Victorian State Championships


Hey Loyal Viewers,

It’s happening. The very lean version of the impressive Brassbanned Stream Team has finished bumping into the stunning surrounds of Her Majesty’s Theatre in Ballarat. We have cameras (3), microphones (5), and even a feed from the PA! What could possibly go wrong?


There was optimistic talk of NBN connections, but unfortunately, there’s a small installation delay. Thanks Malcolm.

That means the intrepid stream team will make the magic happen using the power of 4G and possibly also smoke signals if things get dicey. The stream should look fantastic – just under HD quality. But, if there a few drops throughout the day, please forgive us.

On Saturday (which is currently tomorrow, but will move soon) we are starting at 8:30am with the sonorous sounds of Concert Bands – 4 bands over 3 grades – then moving into the Junior brass bands. Then by about 1:30pm we will have Open D Grade Brass and at 7:15pm open B Grade Brass. If everything runs on time and there are no tears or imploded cymbals, we should be finishing at around 11:00pm.

Sunday (which isn’t tomorrow but will be soon), will see us starting at the lazy time of 9:30am with the Open C Grade Bands then moving into the Open A Grade Bands at 12:00pm. If things go well, we should be all done by around 5:00pm.

It’s bound to be an exciting weekend of stunning music making, dramatic vibrato, dropped mutes, great camaraderie as well as some bands being judged the winner by the Adjudicator (who, for this weekend is Mark Ford).

But – Loyal Viewers – don’t let one person’s opinion be the only opinion. Why don’t you form your own opinion? Your opinion will probably be wrong (unless it’s the same as the adjudicator’s) but make sure you tune in to the live stream or come along to Ballarat in person to hear the music, form your own opinion and most importantly enjoy yourself.

See you tomorrow!

WATCH NOW: Victorian State Band Championships!